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Earth Day
22 April 2009

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22 January 2009

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Aging Gracefully?
6 January 2009

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11 December 2008

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How's your stomach?
24 November 2008

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Pink Tulip Intimately
20 November 2008

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Stayin' by the Hyatt
16 November 2008

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That Look
15 November 2008

Recent Comments

Katrich on Gimme Shelter
Like this shot... shadows on the "?building" from the magnificent tree that stands tall over it. Feels like a ...

Katrich on Electricity Ranch
I really like this angle. Good shot.

Hediyeh on Coyote Buttes 10 - It was worth the walk
wonderful land !

Katalog Stron on How Flat is Kansas?
great shot.Wish all the best and Happy New Year

Rosa Frei - Photo Emotions on Coyote Buttes 10 - It was worth the walk
Wow, gorgeous! Love the lines and textures, wonderful light!

Dexter Chee on Coyote Buttes 10 - It was worth the walk
Beautiful landscape!

Olivier on How Flat is Kansas?
superb this landscape with the top colors for the sky!

Franz on after rain
very beautiful! i had a similar one a couple weeks ago!

Candais on Late for Class
Very interesting ruin. Are we going to see more?

Siepi on Late for Class
But with a very good reason: share your discoveries with us! Thx.

Olivier on Sunup
wonderful, simply wnderful!

JCJ on Electricity Ranch
busy but interesting composition jc

Franz on Lonesome House and Half Moon
fabulous! it's not easy to portrait the "nothingness" of the plains, but this is excellent! great compo ...

Franz on Old Bridge, New Bin
yes, very nice compo! i didn't know they had "hills" in kansas"! (only kidding ...)

Franz on Flint Hills Sunrise - II
stunning reflections and excellent evening colors!

Franz on Gimme Shelter
wonderfully subdued colors again! what is this? an underground beet cellar?

Franz on Some things change, some don't
that's true (the caption, that is!) - but if it weren't so, where would we be? i love the subdued colors in ...

Franz on Bashful Birds Hoping to Survive the Holidays
i hope they did! :-) i like the horizontal segmentation and the contrasts here!

B. Thomas on Some things change, some don't
Nice capture. Some areas of Texas and New Mexico also look much like this.

Candais on Some things change, some don't
Very nice image, and the title is perfect.

Tom on Modern Farming
What a great controverse... Fantastic contrast between now & before.

JCJ on Coyote Buttes 10 - It was worth the walk
i love this place! jc

H.S. on Flint Hills Sunrise - II
what an amazing scene!

Candais on My Trophy Buck
Wow this is great!!

Candais on Old Bridge, New Bin
Great composition. I really like it

Olivier on Stone Bridge on Autumn Day
very nice...

Adrian on Home Away from Home
great photograph

Adrian on Lonesome House and Half Moon
this is perfect.

Sonia Nansid on Lonesome House and Half Moon

Tom on Lonesome House and Half Moon
Very nice!! I like the small house coming our of the image

Garfield on People at the Tallgrass Film Festival 5
... one can ... not "they" as I've commented :)

Garfield on People at the Tallgrass Film Festival 5
fascinating faces/personalities .. can't make out what cans they're holding

Soheil on People at the Tallgrass Film Festival 5
nice photo excellent

Garfield on People at the Tallgrass Film Festival 4
Mannn, what a sweet fella

Franz on People at the Tallgrass Film Festival 4
what a jolly looking gentleman! a splendid portrait!

Garfield on People at the Tallgrass Film Festival 1
so much detail in seemingly low light! Well cropped too

Curly on Well Used Guitar
Caught the tones superbly Dwight, hope it sounded as "bluesy" as it looks.

Michael on Coming
An excellent shot of a great auto, they don't make like that anymore.

MissT on Theater Ceiling
I like the angle, the repetition, the color, the detail - great shot!

Soheil on Theater Ceiling
nice photo well done

Soheil on Glass - 4
nice photo well done

Shahryar on Glass - 3
Interesting :)

Celeb on Glass - 2
Nice place to experiment with HDR....

Curly on Glass - 2
How does it feel sitting there surrounded by wonderful light and colour?

Fred Rune on Glass - 2
This was nothing but beautiful. And you mastered the contrasst very well: The glass-paintings and the foreground. ...

Wolfen on Are we in season yet?
Un beau moment furtif capté, bravo pour ce moment privilégié !!! Belle prise sauvage, bonne ...

Marie LC on Autumn Colors - Reflections
Very nice colors and reflections

kinshuk on Autumn Changes I
brilliant capture!

RBL on Autumn Changes I
Wonderful photo!

Mariana Maodush on Autumn Changes I
beautiful image . great colors and light

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